Heading early morning on I-70 to Hanging Lake, Colorado.

Heading early morning on I-70 to Hanging Lake, Colorado.



Advertising is a fascinating journey. One with endless roads that lead to multiple and unimaginable solutions.

I love advertising because it allows me to play many rolls; as I can be a planner strategizing on complex brand communication issues. Write headlines and copy. Or create a slogan for a product. And since I'm graphically oriented, design a simple logo or a brand's visual identity comes with relatively ease. All in one day's work.

Since I'm a consummate gearhead, I often find advertising similar to fixing a classic car, in the sense that when you do your best, the result is a beautiful thing, specially when that effort takes you somewhere... and brings you back. 


I've been around for a while. That doesn't mean I have all the answers. As a creative still flinch for a few seconds at the emptiness of a computer screen or piece of paper. However, that emptiness, also acts as a visa to explore, challenging me and my peers to transform a brand. It is our chance to help sell a product or service in a unique profound way. And give it our very best solution.